Best Online Cyber Monday Deals—What Are Your Rights as A Consumer?

It is easy to find yourself with a purchase you will regret later on when you are faced with time limits and best Online Cyber Monday deals.

Whether you have purchased a faulty laptop or brought a toaster from a dodgy website that never delivers your goods, you do have an option.

Regardless of how great the product discounts may have been; at no time should your consumer rights get affected. In preparation of November 27, the big Cyber Monday day, here are your options in case something goes wrong:

· Dealing with Online Scams

Cyber Monday makes you an easy target for online fraudsters. There are so many people looking for bargains that they do not take time to consider whether the deal is too good or not.

  • Ensure you only use trusted websites when shopping on the web
  • A credible website should have the ‘https’ symbol on the site locked. But this is not always a sure sign that the website is credible
  • When making your purchases, buy goods worth above three hundred dollars, but less than thirty thousand dollars. Such goods will be protected under the Credit Card Act. Therefore, use your card when making the purchase.

You can proceed further and split the costs between your debit and credit cards. It helps in lowering the fees.

·Faulty or Defective Goods

The Consumer Rights Act stipulates that a client has up to thirty days to return any items that are found to be substandard or damaged. A refund should then be issued within the next two weeks.

It gets harder to get a refund if you have held on to the item for more than thirty days. Digital rights are also covered under the consumer act. You should, therefore, not have to worry about faulty films, music, or mobile apps.

·Return Policy for Goods

A retailer mainly determines the returns policy. There are those that offer twenty-eight days, while others provide a variation for this timeline. Take your time to compare the returns policy before you can check the item from your cart.

Consumer contract rules provide up to fourteen days for any goods bought online. The time will start being counted when you receive the item in question. If you do have a change of heart, ensure you ask for a full refund within that timeline, and it will be issued.

Use these consumer rights policies to protect yourself and your friends in the coming Cyber Monday deals.


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